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About us

we are hyperbola

Founded in 2001, Hyperbola is a textile company that integrates design and performance fabrics. We believe that lifestyle in the future is technology combined with aesthetics – our goal is to help improve the experience of dressing by offering the most advanced and trendy fabrics to all designers and brands. We put great emphasis on quality control – with independent inspections before and after every stage of the manufacturing process, e.g. dying, printing or coating – this is why our products can have the most desired perfect finish

In 2008, Hyperbola was selected as one of the Four Textile Dragons in Taiwan. The brand name “Hyper” implies “over and beyond” while “bola” means “fabric” in Taiwanese – with a passion in functional textiles and an in-depth understanding of the industry, we aim to be flexible in meeting customers’ demands and always exceed their expectations with open-mindedness and accuracy.


CSR responsibility

2008 – 2010 Project OR Sponsor

2010 Rated AAA for SGS Capability Audit

2011 Taipei Puma Night Run Group Award



2007 Outstanding Enterprise Manager Association (OEMA) Golden Torch Award

2013 ISPO Lifestyle Apparel Gold Winner Award

2015 China International Fabrics Design Competition Bronze Award

2016/2017 Autumn/Winter Fabrics China Bronze Award


Media presence

2012 The New York Times “Textile Makers in Taiwan Create a High-Tech Niche”

2014中天生活百分百 (CTI Television Inc.) Report

2014 天下雜誌 (Common Wealth Mag.) “寧美/化身紡織產業的聯發科”