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23 Oct. 2018Arty crafty

No matter it is the donegal tweed pattern, the monochrome houndstooth check look, or an experimental play on the multicolored fiber yarns that will be woven into one distinctive fabric. These are all examples of craftsmanship and aesthetic sense. ... More

16 Oct. 2018How functional fabrics are evolving

If we look at the history of synthetic textile, we would probably credit the year 1913 when PVC was first patented, as the starting point. However, it was only until 1920s that PVC was applied as water-resistant coating onto fabrics. From then till now, countless synthetic fibers have been invented - spandex, polyester, nylon... etc. As people became more familiar with the science and technology behind the process, different attempts are being made to improve the experience of synthetic products. Now, as the above photo shows, it′s becoming harder to visually distinguish between natural and synthetic fabrics. This is part of the evidence that shows how synthetic fabrics have evolved from the very beginning till now. ... More

09 Oct. 2018Classy Trench

One of the must-haves in fall - a classy trench can help you become effortlessly chic. With the ever-changing weather during this season, the importance of water-resistant function speaks for itself. ... More

02 Oct. 2018Bold Plaid

Plaid – always stays in season and never gets dull for designers to create upon. It is used on blazers, coats, pants, skirts, hats, and many other fashion items – you name it. Here we introduce the "bold plaid" as their strong visual can help anyone make a fashion statement. Most importantly, they are functional too (water resistant is a must)! ... More

19 Sep. 2018Hollow

We know that sporty is the new trendy in recent years. But how do you spice things up? Try ′hollow′ pattern - its distinctive style and the vibrant colors will sure bring freshness to your outdoor look. ... More